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First of all, what is a teenager? A teenager is defined as a being aged between 13 to 19 years olds. Common characteristics of teens included vocal development and pubic hair growth. Out of all phases of life, the phase of being a teenager can be the hardest to endure. Teenagers are faced with various troubles. Some have the trouble of dealing with bullies at school, while others have the burden of being the breadwinner of the family. Yes, the teenage life isn’t always sweet, it can be salty at some times. In this speech about teenage life, let’s talk about both the sweet and salty parts of being a teenager.

Speech about Teenage Life



Salty/Hard Parts

Speech about Teenage Life > Bullies


It’s not like grade schoolers don’t have the trouble of facing bullies, instead, teenagers have a harder time dealing with bullies. Many teens are small when they enter middle school, so it’s easy for seniors and bigger kids to harass the freshmen. There are various types of teens enrolled in a class. Even if you’re the type that has a lot of friends and are very sociable, there’ll still be at least one person who would want to pick a fight with a fight with you. Plus, during adolescence, male teens might even grow man boobs. And that poor kid will be tormented till he graduates. Yes, dealing with bullies are a very hard part of being a teenager.



Puberty and Hormones

As mentioned earlier, a male teenager might even grow man boobs since the hormones in his bodies are unbalanced. Plus, other weird things might happen to his body. He might grow hair in weird places. His voice might sound like a coyote. He might suddenly be interested in girls, or boys for that matter. Yes, it’s all thanks to the lousy hormones in the body that can’t even find its balance. During this time, your father or mother might need to give you that awkward talk. If you’re Indian, you might not even get that talk. Your judgment is clogged up and you’re a lot hornier. In the end, puberty just sucks.



Unexpected Burden of Being a Breadwinner

Of course, this doesn’t happen to all teens. However, in this world, there are teens who live in poverty that might need to work to feed their family. I don’t know about you, but being a breadwinner as a teen can be very difficult. You might face bullies at the job you’ll work at and you’ll still need to face puberty. Also, many places don’t even hire teens due to legal issues. Plus, if you’re in your prepubescence stage, you might not even have the strength to work through normal working hours.






If you don’t count the previous paragraph, then being a teenager means you’ll still have the freedom to do anything. When you’re a teen, your basic needs is still provided by your parents, which means you’re free to play games, find any type of job, or go to parties. When you’re a working adult, you can’t pick the job you want, especially if you need urgent money. You’ll also have a tighter schedule, meaning no free time to party or even play a couple of games. During these times, you’ll wish to be a teen again. Guess what, your parents would have wished that when you were born.



Yes, the phase of being a teen in a human’s life can be the hardest phase of them all. You’re small, scrawny, and underdeveloped. However, like all phases, it will just go away, or will it. Thanks for reading my speech about teenage life. If you like this speech about teenage life, please be sure to share it. Also, this more of a post than a speech, so yeah. Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll have a great day.

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