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Spelling Correctors, we all need it. Even the most grammar proficient people make a couple of mistakes occasionally. As a wise guy once said, no human is perfect. If you’re anything like me (Indian), you’ll definitely a spelling corrector. However, depending on your English level, some correctors might make your English even worst. Currently, there are two top level spelling correctors available on the market. The first is Ginger, while the second is Grammarly. Previously, I used both simultaneously. However, I switch to Grammarly because of certain reasons. Anyways, which is the best spelling corrector? Find out in this battle royale of grammar tools.


Spelling Corrector Wars


Spelling corrector

1. Ginger

From my perspective, Ginger is the most beginner friendly spelling corrector I’ve ever used. It detects almost any mistake I make. The posts that I proofread after using Ginger have almost no mistakes. Ginger also doesn’t correct mistakes that you make intentionally. Like using or not using a comma for a dramatic pause or run-on. There’s also tools that students may find useful. There’s a sentence rephraser feature on both chrome and Word that rephrases sentences so that you can avoid plagiarism. I do have to warn you that its effectiveness is very low, especially if the plagiarism detector is from platforms like “BlackBoard”. I recommend this grammar check tool to low-proficient English speakers/writers. It will help you to make the least amount of mistakes.

  • Pricing

Gingerly is ,of course, offers free proofreading. However, their free version has a limit. Once you reached that limit, you still use it, but it doesn’t automatically corrects. You’ll have to manually erase and retype the word. They do offer paid options where there’s unlimited correction. Plus, they offer a sentence reading tool and other tools to improve your English level. This is a great option for those who wish to improve their English.

  • Final Verdict

If your English level is low, then I’ll definitely recommend Ginger. My recommendation for Ginger free is 4 of 5 stars. My recommendation for Ginger paid is 3.5 out of 5 stars. Remember, buy Ginger if you only want to improve your English. As a matter of fact, students gets a percentage off out packages. Click here to go to Ginger now.



2. Grammarly

Grammarly is my recommendation to those who have fair knowledge in English. It’s not a tool I recommend that you make heavy mistakes with. Sometimes, Grammarly might even make mistakes. So, this tool is for those who are grammar proficient and makes a couple of mistakes. The good thing about Grammarly is that it has no limit. You can use the corrector as much as you want. Another good thing is that the chrome plugin is more versatile. You can use it in almost any text box, from emails to editors. Also, there are other features like spelling dictionary, which you’ve guessed it, finds out the definition of any word. Grammarly is more recommended towards MSc and Ph.D. students. It corrects mistakes based on an academic writing. If you’re a blog writer like me, chances are that you write conversationally.

  • Pricing

Just like Ginger, Grammarly also has a paid service. As mentioned earlier, Grammarly corrects based on academic writing. So, its paid function corrects almost any hidden mistake made. This feature is more suitable for any literature major. It’s also suitable for MSc and Ph.D. students. For regular bloggers, I won’t recommend that buy the advanced feature. There is my final verdict for this spelling corrector.



My Experience

At first, I thought Grammarly was a super expensive software made for celebrities. That’s because I saw some huge prices when I was searching for Grammarly. Also, you don’t care. So, moving on to my experience. I was first using Ginger because of statement number 1. Then, it became tiresome to retype everything on and on again. Then, after statement 1 has been clarified, I tried Grammarly. Sure, it makes a couple of mistakes for those who write conversationally (Bloggers), however, it gets the gets the job done in the end. However, I am considering switching to Ginger after I actually make money from this blog. So far, I’m writing with no success. Still, I have my hopes. Still, you don’t care. Moving on to the piece I wrote earlier.


Final Final Verdict

So, the final final verdict. If you read and analyze carefully, that does make sense. The best spelling corrector is …………….. Grammarly. If you’re an academic student, your spelling must be important. Overall, Grammarly is the tool that makes correcting spellings easier. However, the overall best grammar checker is ……………….. Ginger. Yes, although it has an annoying limit, Ginger is the overall best option for students, bloggers, writers, anyone except literature majors. Grammarly is always best for literature majors. If you want the best unlimited grammar and punctuation checker for free, then Grammarly is you thing. So, that’s my final concluded verdict. If you found this post to be helpful, share it and spread the love. Subscribe for more awesome posts. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll have a great day. Byeeeeeee!



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