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Stress, it can be very stressing. In this current era or also known as 2016, everyone gets stressed. Take a look at a baby. It can get stressed easily from external factors like negativity and yelling. Is there a way to cure this poopy emotion? No, curing will only increase it’ effectiveness, like Pokemons. We need to kill stress, kill it with a pen. By now, you would know that this is not professional medical advice and is written to help you cure stress through conventional and unconventional ways. Without further stalling, here’s some stress relieving activities you could do to relieve stress as its position as SEO (stress executive officer).


Stress Relieving Activities


1. Writing

Yes, I’m writing a guide to killing stress cause I’m stressed. Have you ever heard the saying “Chatting each day keeps the stress away”? No, it’s because I made it up. From my budget-friendly studies, I’ve found out that online casual social messaging keeps stress at Guantanamo Bay. Serious social relations will likely lead to drama, which will lead to stress. Even when starting a casual chat with a person, stalk their profile enough to know their personality. Remember, different personalities may attract, but is likely to repel. Back to the topic of writing, even writing a blog counts as chatting. You’re freely expressing your thoughts. Writing is considered as recorded speech and recorded speech is considered one-sided chatting. Either way, writing is a marvelous way to relieve stress.



2. Comedies

Have you ever heard the term that comedy is the king of media? Maybe, maybe not. However, we can admit that comedies do brighten up our day with the sorrows of the characters. I absolutely adore comedy. Why you may or not may ask? I’m taking anti-depressant medication and comedy works better than it. Not only does comedies clear stress of the porch, but it also invites in positivity. However, among comedies, there are multiple genres. I personally enjoy TV comedy shows. This way, if I like something, I’ll have more to watch than a movie. Also, shows with laughter effects work effectively than shows that don’t. In the void of artificial laughter, a comedic narrator might also do the job right.

Did you know that YouTube has become a popular outlet for comedy? Almost all popular YT stars practice the art of comedy. Ones which have the knack include Grace Helbig and Ryan Higa. You yourself could make YouTube videos, the process of recording a video is fun. I know that for a fact. However, editing could be a strenuous process, so I recommend sticking to watching only. However, I did recommend it to you in the first place. Huhuhuhu!



3. Yoga

The only section that is an activity or exercise in this stress relieving activities list is yoga. No, I’m not talking about you Lenovo Yoga 300. Yoga is the easiest way to relieve physical and emotional stress. I’ve never practiced yoga. God knows that I don’t want to become a pretzel. Now, you know too. The exercises you do doesn’t have to be strenuous. If they are, you’ll wind up having more physical stress than emotional. Another form of yoga (not so much) is meditation. Meditation helps build a clear mind. It regulates breathing and is pretty much magical. You lie down and meditate or sit, depending on your masochism level. If you’re a bit imaginative like me, visualize yourself inside water. Then, imagine sucking up its life force. I’m evil because I like draining life forces.



4. GOWYCS (Get On With Your Crazy Self)

Every YouTuber has it. In fact, every human may have it as well, your crazy side. A side which you want to hide in public. A side which you release rarely. Release it when you get stress. It could be making funny faces. Just screaming or singing. Just express your pain and stress through your crazy self. That sorta rhymes. Sometimes, it’s screaming, other times, it could be dipping your head in water. It’s something that you know when you get to that certain stress level. Something, that I can’t explain to you. Go now, my child and wonder into the world which is you.



Wow, I didn’t expect my stress relieving activities list to be this short. Well, you can’t have it all, am I right? Anyways, if you feel extremely stressed, so stressed that this post seems irritable to you, I recommend that you seek medical help.  I don’t recommend medication since it has side effects. However, there are various teas you could try. Red and Black tea help me cool off. Anyways, thanks for reading, share to help more souls and hope you’ll have a wonderful day. Byeeee!


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