Studying in Malaysia Pros and Cons

Hello person who is trying to consider a deathly decision. I’m Salmenn, a college boy. If you’re thinking about studying in Malaysia, then think again. Disclaimer, this is based on studying in N9 part of Malaysia. Whether it’s studying in high school or getting a degree, Malaysian institutes are ever terrible. In Malaysian schools, teachers beat their mischievous student. Some are even externally injured by accident, they say. Plus, we Malaysians are extra anti-friendly. Well, let’s not spoil the fun by exposing everything in the intro. Now, shall we further delve about studying in Malaysia pros and cons.


Studying in Malaysia Pros and Cons


Pros of Studying in Malaysia

Well, as they say somewhere in the world, starting with the good news makes the bad news better. Studying in Malaysia does have some perks. The biggest perk is food! Note the exclamation point. Then, there’s sightseeing, the always-warm temperature, scenery, and peacefulness. Well, most of the time.



1. Food

Unless or especially if you’re a model, you’ll crave for delicious food. Malaysia has all the delicious food you can think of. Soups from various origins, breads made in various shapes and sizes, rice that’s plain to delicious. Just don’t try Mee Kichap (Sesame oil noodles). Not too yum for many people. There are various drinks you could try. We have our version of Milo, Nescafe, and other beverages.



2. Climate

Malaysia is a country overflowing with green sceneries. Sometimes, it’s just plain annoying. However, soon the green shall fade cause contractors will evade. Anyways, there are many places to go sightseeing in Malaysia. There’s Langkawi, Genting, and Malacca. So far, the most interesting states to visit. If you’re planning on studying, choose schools near these places, if you want distractions. Otherwise, pick boring old Nilai. Also, the temperature in Malaysia is always warm or hot, which is good depending or where your from.


Cons in Studying in Malaysia

If I had the time, I would create a book about this section. I’m just joking, don’t come after me. Most of the cons include social factors. Other than social issues, there’s high cost, low quality, and various other issues.


Studying in Malaysia Pros and Cons

1. Peer Pressure

If I had a dime for every time I feel left out, I’d be a rich person. But not Bill Gates level. Students will often mix with their own ethnicity groups. However, what really annoys me are the Indians. And no, I’m not being racist cause I’m an Indian. I have an appearance of a Malay so all my Indian peers talk behind my back in front of me. Conclusion, if you plan on studying in Malaysia, don’t pick a school with a major population of Indians.



2. Low Quality

Compared to Australian lecturers, our Malaysian lecturers perform slightly worse. This is due to poor English skills or bad time management skills. Some schools have lecturers with a heart of gold, while some have lecturers which came from hell. My sister’s college, KPJ has the most number of racist lecturers. Be sure to read a lot of reviews of a college before attending.



I believe that studying in Malaysia is a bad thing. However, it isn’t completely bad. If you’re okay with slightly less effective teachings, then Malaysia is still a viable option. It’s just an option I would recommend. Anyways, studying in Malaysia pros and cons, finished. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day, and see you next time.


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