The Annoying Thing That Life Throws at Us

Back your bags, kids, cause we’re running away from…. we’re running away. Seriously, doesn’t it annoy when people just drag their intro for too long? I mean seriously why we have to read all this crap. Well, you can skip ahead, but that will just give me a bad Google reputation and we don’t want that, do we? Anyways, please don’t hit that back as I will try to make you laugh in a moment. Anyways, The annoying thing or things that we face in life are soooo annoying. So let’s go through some of the annoying things in life, stall you, I mean, shall we?


The Annoying Thing That Life Throws at Us


The Annoying Thing in Life > Grounded

1. Being Grounded

All my Asian readers are like “What’s grounded?” and the Western readers are like “F You”. I mean no offense since I’m literally an Asians. Quick note, ‘Grounded’ means the parents locking their child in their room with restricted access to technology. Basically, prison but much more crueler. Since that’s out of the way, let me say that getting grounded is the first annoying thing you’ll experience in life, unless it isn’t. You’d have to sit in your room all day, nothing to do except yourself. You can’t even go outside for a walk, even jails allow outdoor time. If a kid with undiagnosed ADHD was grounded, he/she might jump out of the window….. and then safely get down and do drugs with their friends. This is not a promo. don’t do, snort or sing to drugs, kids.


2. Puberty

If you’d change the ‘b’ in ‘puberty’, it would soundly phase of puking, and it still wouldn’t be a real word. Seriously, it’s like god oversaw how disruptive teens are going to be so he has sent punishment. And that my friend is the puke inducing process of life called puberty. First, pubic hair might be the most disgusting type of protein that’s ever created. What’s the purpose of it, to trap dust from the wind? That place ain’t gonna get blown. Why am I writing like that? Next is specifically for girls. You’re losing your free birth control. That’s all I’m gonna say because I’m currently a man and if I say anything more, my mom and sister will chase me down hill. It’s an Indian thing.


3. Final-Final Exam

The day you sit for your final high school exam is the day your freedom loses its virginity. It’s still there, but wilder and disappears more frequently. The amount of time you’ll spend on preparing for your finals can never be earned back. Every second that goes forward would feel like a second going forward or even two. The day the finals come, you’ll shiver cause you spilled your iced tea. Then, finally, when the day is over, you’ll experience tomorrow. Finally, when you’re on your deathbed, you’ll realize that everything in life is worthless, especially that exam, and you’d die. The end


4. Independence

You wanna know what my guess is to the annoying thing in life is? It would definitely be independence. Once you’ve finished your education in February or any month, you’ll enter a crazy and annoying part of your life, and that is supporting for yourself. Once your parents decide to kick you out. You’d have to find a new house, buy a television, buy a new pot storage. For your potted plants, not drugs. Then, after you go from single to married. You’d be getting a lot of complaints from your racer, I mean wife. Then, in a few years, you’d be getting complaints from your little trolls. Finally, the trolls grow up to big trolls and the circle of life repeats.



To conclude, life itself is the annoying thing in life. Plus, it’s 3:18 AM and I have to go to sleep. So, remember, don’t do drugs. Also, I hope No One finds this offensive because I really like No. Get it? Thank you for reading, like and share for more posts and I’ll see you when I see. Hope you’d have a wonderful year and byeeeeeeee!

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