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Port Dickson, it’s one of Malaysia’s most favorite tourist spots, or that’s what most of Malaysia says. If you live in Port Dickson, PD for short, you’ll know that there is almost nothing to do. In fact, the only reason why Port Dickson is even famous is because of its beaches. Yes, there is nothing unique about PD. Sure, the beaches are fun. However, there’re no malls, cinemas, or even theme parks, excluding Primaland’s Waterpark. However, of all my years in living in PD, I found some interesting things to do in Port Dickson. So, let’s start the list, shall we?


Things to Do in Port Dickson


Things to Do in Port Dickson > Beach

1. The Beaches

To kickstart this list of things to do in Port Dickson, we’ll be starting with beaches. Yes, the beaches. Port Dickson has one of the finest beaches in Malaysia and that is because it has the most beaches in Malaysia. Port Dickson’s beaches are nothing out of the ordinary. They have the normal white sand and the fresh, warm sea. However, beware of the tiny rocks in the seabed as they CAN tear your feet and get stuck inside. Trust me, getting them out is not a gentle process. However, this is very rare. Also, you may occasionally find fish when swimming. For sunbathers, Port Dickson’s sun will tan you till you become brown. That’s all for our wonderful beaches.



2. Primaland’s Waterpark

I’m trying to keep the spoilers at the end. The waterpark at Primaland is extremely fun and also boring. There’s only a one-loop slide, a normal slide, and an octopus slide. There’s also some mushrooms-shaped statues that spout water. The water level is okay as they have sides for both adults and kids. Other than, the waterpark has nothing else up its sleeve.


Buggy Track

3. PD Buggy Track

Disclaimer, rumors say that this park may be closed, however, they’re just rumors. The PD Buggy Track is a place that allows you to ride mini motorcycles and buggy cars. If you check Google Images, you can see that the tracks are separated using tires. It kinda looks cool. Anyways, every once in a while, there’s a Groupon coupon that can be bought to ride the cars for a cheaper price. Also, next to the track is a graveyard. I’ve given you a warning.


5D Cinema

4. 5D/Motion-enabled Cinemas

There are currently two 5D cinemas in Port Dickson. Both of them are at Lukut a town close to Port Dickson. There’s one inside Tesco and the other is next to Lukut’s Burger King. I personally recommend the one near Burger King. The seating arrangement and the inside of the cinema are really nice. Plus, the effects in that one is so realistic compared to Tesco’s. Plus, the 5D cinema next to Burger King is also a mini Cowboy-themed theme park. However, the theme park is so small. Small enough to fit inside a building.


3D Art Gallery

5. 3D Art Galleries and Upside-Down Houses

There are two 3D art galleries in Port Dickson. There’s one near Lukut’s Burger King and the other is near Port Dickson’s Hospital. The latter also contains a room full of upside-down furniture. There’s also another upside-down exhibition, however, that’s a house. Recently, a new haunted house opened in PD, but I haven’t checked out that. Excluding the haunted house, these are the most boring things to do in Port Dickson.



To finish this list. I’ll tell you the brief history of Port Dickson. It was a port used to import items. Told you it was brief. That concludes our list of things to do in Port Dickson. If know other things to do in Port Dickson, please leave a comment in the comment section. That’s a wrap, thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll have a wonderful year. Good-bye.

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