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The 1980’s might be the greatest time of them all. Not only was the first disposable camera invented, the internet that we know now came into existence. There are so many things you could do online. To name a few, you could write emails, buy something online, pay your bills. The possibilities are just limitless. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about some of the things to do online. Some you already know.

Things to Do Online

Watching Videos


I already warned you that this list contains things you already know, so please don’t comment kill me. YouTube is one of the simplest things to do online. Most of its content is free to watch. Well, all of its content was free to watch, but not now thanks to YouTube Red. Anyway, YouTube has videos from DIYs to original movies and if you don’t already watch YouTube, then you must be living under a rock.

Funny Or Die

This website is for those who love comedy. Funny or Die has some of the internet’s funniest videos. One of its iconic videos is the “5-Year-Old Landlord”. Although it can’t compete with YouTube, it’s still worth checking out.


Although it still can’t compete with illegal anime directories, Crunchyroll is still a great place to visit for anime lovers. Sure it has licensing issues in most countries and it doesn’t have many animes. Let’s not also forget that HD content requires paid subscription. Wait, what I’m trying to tell is that Crunchyroll is good despite its flaws. Don’t ask me why.


NetFlix is another simple thing to do online. There are so many TV shows and movies on NetFlix that it’s impossible to watch in one lifetime. That’s, of course, if you live in the US. We Asian people will have to make do with the small license-restricted library. You lucky American custards. Anyway, Iflix is a great alternative to us Asian, cause you know, it only costs around $2.5. Yet, it’s legally legit.


things to do online



Boy, was I living under a rock. I never knew FaceBook until now. Of course, you know what it is. I just want to share this wonder I’ve discovered. Many people share amazing stories on FaceBook and some even share their lives. It’s an amazing place to read for those who don’t have lives like me. Plus, you can also make friends on FaceBook. Just look at how times changed.


Hubpages is a great thing to do online. Not only does it contain killer articles written by experts like me (note the sarcasm), it also has killer discussion forums. If you want, you can participate in the forums, or you could just read as they add new replies. HubPages is also a place where anyone can also write. So, if you’re an expert like me (Again, sarcasm), feel free to write something. Since writing is reverse-reading, I feel like it qualifies under this section.


Tumblr is like Blogspot websites. They’re basically blogs but everything is newer on Tumblr than Blogger. New and delicious design, ease of writing, and many talented users. Google does offer minor updates to Blogger, but it can’t keep up with Tumblr. Tumblr also aggregates interesting posts on your homepage, so you don’t have to search. It’s basically Blogger’s and FaceBook’s oops baby. Anyways, go check it out since it’s one of the great things to do online and I’m there too. 😊


Making Money


It may require capital, it may be illegal in some countries. However, if you know how to trade. You can live like a king. In this section, I’m going to give you my secret to Forex trading. Go to ““, then trade these signals non-stop. When I say non-stop, I mean non-stop.

These trades don’t always go well. However, if you trade these continuous for 24 hours, 99% you’ll earn at least 100 pips, 1 % you’ll encounter a loss. If you trade for a week non-stop, 99.9% you’ll make a large profit, >1% you’ll encounter a loss. Remember, do proceed with caution. So far, I actually haven’t faced any loss when traded continuously. So, this one of the best things to do online.


Hubpages, as mentioned above, is a place where anyone can write articles. Not only does allow that, it allows you to make from your written articles. Once you link your account with AdSense, you can earn money through AdSense or the Hubpages Earnings Program. It’s safer than Forex but substantially slower. Regardless, it’s also one of the great things to do online.


Okay, now I’m just repeating things. Why am I complaining to myself? Depending on your enthusiasm, YouTube may be the perfect full-time job for you. Are you creative, love editing, can tolerate a lot? If yes, then YouTube is the job for you. Still, anyone who doesn’t have those qualities can still succeed on YouTube like me (note the sarcasm). Anyway, you can earn a lot from YouTube if you have a lot of subscribers. Maybe 100k subscribers can give you a normal salary range.


Das it (Conclusion)

That’s all I have for you guys….. and gals (Cause I’m not racist). If you know any other interesting things to do online, please let me know. A blogger would know that what I’m saying is for CEO purposes online. Gotta be careful, momma Google is strict. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll have a great year. GOOD Bayeeeeeeeeeee!

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