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Damn it, man. You’ve clicked on my post. Well, I guess you should read it till the end then. *creepy smile* Play my theme music so we could transition into the topic. Oh, wait, this isn’t a video. Well, this is awkward. *wink* Okay, since we’ve used the focus word, now let me tell you something. Oh, wait, you can’t hear what I’m saying. You can only read what I’m writing. In that case, let me write to you about something. Life can make your life awkward sometimes. I mean how many times is it going to make me accidently pee my pants. Until my accumulated pee fills the ocean. I bet under life’s resume, it says “Good at creating awkward moments. Annie weighs 10 pounds, here are some things that make you say “this is awkward”


“This is Awkward” Situations


This is Awkward > Expression

What did you call me?

1. When you call someone by another name

It gets super awkward when you call someone by another name or if someone calls you by another name. It gets especially awkward if you know the person for a long time or if you’re really close. For me this always the case. My entire class would know my name and I’d be like:

  • Me: Yo, Tiffany can I borrow a glue?
  • Random: Sure, but my name is Charlie.
  • Me: Oh sorry, It’s just that you look like my friend, Tiffany.
  • Random: Oh, is your friend a dude then?
  • Me: No, it just that you look like a girl.
  • Random: ………..
  • Me: Can I still borrow your glue, though?

To be fair, I’m not courageous enough to even ask for something from anyone. I’d probably freeze up after the second line and you’d “Random” would say “This is awkward” Anyways, did you know in my country, if someone guesses my name wrong, I’m wrong. If they’d guess “You look like a Pumpkin to me”. I’m no longer Salmenn, I’m now Pumpkin son of Ravee. Yes, my official name has “son of” in the name. Okay, that’s embarrassing.


Mind Voice: She is so into me

2. When you think someone is in love with you (Paranoid), but they’re actually not

This may be the world’s most awkward moment of them all. The day when you start noticing someone start noticing you is where it begins. You’ll first feel like that you’re being stared by that person. Then, you’ll feel like they’re following you. Finally, you’ll feel like that every action they do is because they love you. Finally again, you become cuckoo about them and then confront them about their non-existent feelings like this:

  • Me: Hey, Kyle.
  • Kyle: What, bitch?
  • Me: I see that you unfriend me on FaceBook.
  • Kyle: That’s because your posts are too moody, bitch.
  • Me: Okay, I see. You love me.
  • Kyle: What, how the hell did you get that from that?
  • Me: Shuuuuush? I know this is hard for you, but I already have someone.
  • Kyle: But I don’t love.
  • Me: Stop, now begone from my house at once.
  • Kyle: But this is my hou.
  • Me: BEGONE!

It’s really hard to tell a scenario through writing. Then again, I don’t have the time and money to make a YouTube video. There’s also the fact that I’m lazy and unphotogenic. Moving on to the next awkward scenario.


You see crazy things if you’re awake till 5 AM

3. Random Stuff

Now, I’m just going to state some awkward things that happen to us cause I’m really sleepy and I found out it’s 4:13 AM, which is way past my bedtime. When you go to KFC and ask for Chicken McNuggets. When you talk a foreign language and assume the other person knows that language too. When you talk behind someone’s back in a foreign language in front of them thinking they don’t know that language, but they actually do. I’m the assumed monolingual person in this scenario. When you pee in the streets and someone sees you. Oh, wait, I think it’s meeeeee. This is awkward and know, I mean now I’m sleepy.



That’s all I have for you guys. Seriously, I could extend this post to five thousand words tomorrow morning, but meh. Anyways, life will always throw awkward moments at you because it’s a psychopath. Life: No, I’m not (Jumps off of window). But we have to stay strong. No matter what, don’t do vbvgffff. Oh god, I passed out on the keyboard. Anyways, stay sober, stay clean, and Malay Teen will catch you in the next one. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll have a wonderful year. Byeeeeeeee!

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