Tips to Writing a Review

One of the popular forms of online content is reviews. Many people search for reviews mainly because they want to make good purchases. Some search to verify that they’ve made good purchases. One known thing is that while many read reviews, they also write them. Writing a review can simple. It can even be done three words. For an example, it was good. However, writing a good review can be complex. I may not be a professional critic, but I have written a numerous amount of reviews. In this post, I will be giving you some tips to writing a review.

Tips to Writing a Review



1. Questions

Questions are the key factor to a good review. People generally want their question to be answered in a review. Before writing, do some researching on your review item. If it’s an item, it’s very to find questions for it. Find an online seller for your item. Then, go to Q&A section. Bam, you have questions and some possible answers. Another way to find some questions is Google’s Keyword Planner. Do some experimenting and you’ll bound to find some popular questions. Once you have some questions, write the answers in an orderly manner. Here’s an example. In the feature section of a phone, write answers from the lowest to highest in popularity. This will create excitement. Make sure to write the review as naturally as possible. You can also create your own Q&A section at the bottom of the page.


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2. Structuring

A content-packed review without structure is like a mall without escalators. You have to find a way to get the next level (point). Structuring is very important to a review. It’s important to almost any type of writing. Some ways to writing a structured review are using headings and decoration. You should use headings to summarize a point. For an example, the heading for this paragraph (structuring) has already summarized the contents of this paragraph. You could even use sub-headings for supporting details. Decorations should be used to strengthen a point. For an example, “Structuring is important to writing a review.”



3. Pictures

A review without pictures is just insane. If you’re reviewing a product, the a picture is a must-have for your review. Some you might be wondering whether there is a way to use copyrighted pictures. Well, there is. Under ‘fair usage’ conditions, you’ll be able to use copyrighted images of the item/service for your review. You may not use other pictures, though. You can get high quality supporting pictures for free at PixaBay. The recommend picture-to-word ratio is 1:100. I guess the saying a picture is worth a thousand words is incorrect.



4. Background Info (Services)

Providing background information for certain services is a great tool for a review. Some people search the internet for reviews to verify the legitimacy of a service. By providing background information, you have answered their question through a paragraph. Most people don’t care about the background of the company, so keep the paragraph short and simple.



5. Conclusion & Other Tips

Provide a clear conclusion to a review. Tell them whether to buy it or not buy it. If you feel unsure, tell them to decide by themselves by analyzing the review. Remember to support your suggestion with points previously mentioned in the review. Don’t include anything that you have suddenly come up with in the conclusion. Stuff in the body part of your review. Make sure to thank them for reading, unless this is a school project. You should also leave a link to the item/service. Another tip I wanted to include is using shortened links. When linking items/service’s page, shorten them using LinkBucks. This way, you’ll make money whenever someone clicks on that link


Conclusion of This Article

As mentioned earlier, writing a review might be easy, but writing a good review can be tough. I hope that with these tips, you’ll be able to write a review with excellence. Hope this post has helped. Check out my other review posts as a reference. Share this post as it will be a big help. Please, shaaaare it. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a great day.


Tips to Writing a Review
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Tips to Writing a Review
Writing a review can be simple, but it can also be complex. It can be short or long. In this posts, I will be giving you some tips to writing a good review.
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