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We all know why we’re here. Udemy isn’t just enough more. Sure they offer over a thousand courses for free and some in exchange for money. However, almost all of their courses are created by different individuals with different qualifications. Some might a have college/university degree, while others might even be teenagers. The course might be a masterpiece, but if the creator isn’t credible, then it has no worth. Not to mention, that no proctoring is taken place when studying. Is Udemy worth the money? According to this alternatives, no! We deserve better, especially in the current world we’re living in. Using the Udemy alternatives that I’m going to give, you can better choose a choice worthy of you. The last one sounded pre-historic.


Udemy Alternatives


Free Udemy Alternatives


1. Alison

The only free alternative that can par with a paid alternative is Alison. If you do a Google search on Alison, many would complain that it’s too easy or has shallow content. This wasn’t the case with me. I did a customer service course and it helped me better perform in my part-time job. Sure, the content was simple. However, it’s the case of “It’s so obvious, why wasn’t I able to see it?” something. Other courses like accounting hold a ton of knowledge, if you’re a noob to accounting. This course helped to easily comprehend my upcoming accounting course in my university. However, every good thing comes with a catch. The course is free to do, however, you’ll need to pay for a certificate. There are some courses that offer free PDF certificates in Alison, you can find it in my review post of Alison.


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2. Saylor

Another great alternative to Udemy, Saylor hosts many types of courses. By doing some of them, you can even earn college credit. Unlike Udemy, Saylor’s courses are handmade by their staff, with one exception. Most of the courses materials are gathered from various places online. When you finish a Saylor course, you’re allowed to take an unproctored exam and earn a certificate, if you score 70% and above. If you fail, you’ll have to wait a period of time before retaking the exam, unlike Alison or Udemy.


Paid Udemy Alternative

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1. Brentwood Open Learning College

Is Udemy accredited? No, but Brentwood is. Brentwood has become or will become the new star of online MOOCs. The main reason is because it continued what the Shaw Academy stopped, offering high quality accredited education at an extremely cheap price. At $35, you have around five diploma courses to choose from. The courses are either accredited by NCFE or ABC Awards at level 4. If you’re in the UK region, this certificate is more than enough to qualify you for a job. If you’re outside the UK and have a knowledgeable employer, this still would be the case. In Malaysia, most employers wouldn’t acknowledge this certificate cause they’re not accredited. It’s the truth cause I live there. To get the course for $50 including the $15 printing fee, click here to go to Groupon.


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2. Shaw Academy

The Shaw Academy, also known as the former king of MOOCs (disregard review’s title). The Shaw Academy currently offers various accredited courses around $39 to $59 dollars. There are courses from photography to digital marketing. However, it’s accredited by the CPD under no level. So, it has almost no value compared to BOLC. However, they do offer a membership program where you can take an unlimited number courses and earn certificates. Using the program, you can do the advanced courses, which have NCFE at level 4 accreditation. However, there is a printing fee of $15 dollars. Read my full Shaw Academy review here.



3. Simplilearn

I will only recommend this institute for those who have extra money to spend. I won’t recommend your entire budget on this place since it’s pricey. Simplilearn offers high-quality online education. They have a master’s program in digital marketing, which is not a graduate degree. They offer courses which are a requirement in earning in ITIL certification. Overall, it’s a high-quality institute, with a very high price to match. Almost around $2000, read my full review of Simplilearn here.



These are all the places that I would think that are worthy enough to be Udemy alternatives and are worth enough for you. Remember, as a wise man said, nothing can replace a college degree. Unless you’re in the UK, statistics show that apprenticeships are on par with universities with most people. Thank you for reading this post, share if you found it helpful, and I hope you’ll have a nice day.

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