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Introduction to Udemy Courses

If there’s one thing I like about the internet, it’s that it opened up many possibilities. For an example, it made learning easier and more affordable. In the past, you’d have to take a class to learn another language. Now, there many online solutions like podcasts, apps, and courses. Speaking of courses, doing an online course is very beneficial. Not only is it much more affordable, but many also come with useful certification. In terms of course value, Udemy has always been striving. Mainly because their huge library of high-quality courses, with many being free to take. In this post, we’re going to be talking about Udemy courses and their pro and cons


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So, Who Created Udemy Courses

You know when someone discovers something potentially great and they just want to monetize it. That’s not how Udemy was made. Udemy’s foundational framework inventor, Eren Ball made the starting framework and saw the potential in making it a free-to-use software. Two years later, Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyan joined the team and the free-to-use website became a free/pay-to-use website. I’m not judging them though. If my dream project got rejected 30 times by venture capitalists, I’d just move back into my parent’s garage.

Moving on, Udemy is a site where you could take courses, collect certificates, and earn new skills. Many Udemy courses are free. However, some Udemy courses require payment. They’re slightly better in my *erm, sponsored* opinion. There used to be a big misconception (Not spread by me) that some Udemy courses gave college credit. It turns out, they only give credit towards certain technical certifications. To summarize, Udemy is like an online college, but they’re not officially accredited by the board of colleges. Moving on to the pros and cons.

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What’s so Good about Udemy Courses

Udemy’s biggest selling point is that a large number of its courses are free. Many of those free courses are even made by professionals like 2D Animation 101 Courses, who have 10 years experience in Autumn Leave Films. Paid courses, on the other hand, are usually made officially certified professionals or even education institutes. Take Manipal Global as an example, they’re an international Asian university that offers accounting courses in Udemy. Although their courses yield unofficial certificates, they’ll at least have some value due to Manipal’s signature on the certificate.

When looking at the content quality of Udemy, many courses do offer very high-quality learning material. However, like I say to many people, don’t expect to learn new things in a field you already know. Take me as an example, I’m a Business major. If I took a course on accounting or management, the chances of me gaining new knowledge are very low. Even if I took a paid course, it only raises the odds by a little cause I already have college-level knowledge of the field of the course.

Another excellent point given by a reader of my blog is that when it comes to many online courses, they’re just aggregated content. Meaning you can learn almost everything from that course if you search the internet, even if it’s a paid course. The only downside is that there’s no certification since you learned it by Googling or reading online archives.

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What’s There to Hate about Udemy Courses

Technically, there are many disadvantages to courses from Udemy. However, they’re not a big a disadvantage to be hated. The first and biggest disadvantage Udemy is that it allows almost anyone to make a course. It could allow an experienced doctor to make a course, but it could also allow a freshman high schooler to make a course. Meaning that finding a suitable course can be hard since it has a huge library full of good but also bad courses. The only way to find good courses is by sorting to most-reviewed and selecting a course with a high-rating & reviews. Even that can be unreliable since certain services offer to create fake reviews. On a side note, making paid Udemy courses with the right marketing strategy can generate decent income according to many people.


Conclusion about Udemy Courses

As I said or my reader said before, all online courses are mostly aggregated content. You can learn what you’ll learn from that course if you search the internet and research archives, references, and journals. So, as my post title suggests, I think of Udemy as an unofficial college. They teach you stuff. You learn stuff. You even get a certificate. However, recognition of that cert when it comes to job-hunting is very low. To conclude, as their motto suggests, Udemy courses are meant to teach, not to certify. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a wonderful day or year. Goodbye from the mountain-man.

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