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Udemy is one of the world’s largest online courses providers. The main reason why its course library is so wide because almost all of its courses are user-made. Meaning a course could be made by literally anyone who knows how to use a computer. Because of this, it has many disadvantages. However, this can also be counted as an advantage. Major organizations such colleges and companies can publish courses on Udemy and they usually have great content. That said, Udemy is not a great place for certificate seekers, many of Udemy’s poor security features make the certificate unreliable. Without further ado, let’s being this Udemy review.

Udemy Review


Udemy Review

Udemy Pros and Cons: Why Should I Take/Buy A Course from Udemy

That depends on your criteria, do you want to learn something with greater detail? If so, you should definitely give Udemy a visit. Unlike articles or posts, courses are contains aggregated information. Meaning you might learn what you want faster in Udemy than browsing the web. Also, paid courses on Udemy have a higher chance of containing research-based material than other courses. Note the word “chance”. An advice I give to anyone planning on taking a Udemy course, regardless of paid or free, research about the course creator. A creator with a good reputation has a higher chance of creating an excellent course.

If you’re planning on taking a course for CV/Resume purposes, I highly don’t recommend it for anyone, especially those in the Asia continent. Most employers generally find online courses unreliable, even if it’s from a well-known institute. Many of Udemy courses have no verification method to ensure that person who participated in the course actually participated. However, Udemy has came up with a solution for this. They began offering courses for college credit. These courses will have proctured exams.



Udemy Review: Course Content & Structure

Courses in Udemy will consist either of text, slides, PDFs, videos, quizzes or all. There might be a (non-proctored) exam. Videos I have seen so far might be the following. A screen recording, an e-sketch or an actual talking person. Some videos are boring while others are fun. The quality of the course doesn’t always depend on the price. Some free courses might have effects-rich, interactive videos. While some paid courses might not have any effects in their videos.



Udemy Review: Differences Between Free & Paid Courses

There are few differences between free and paid courses. However, the price isn’t the reason. Some paid courses are created by professional organizations. This means the content will have great quality. The given Udemy’s certificate will also be extra special because of the name and signature of the organization. Inexperienced people could also create Udemy courses. Remember, a course created by a recognized instructor has more value. In Asian regions, certificates from Manipal Global might have little value. You can also find free professionally-made courses, but those are very few. Some paid courses might contain little to no videos. Some free courses might contain only videos. Remember, not all paid courses are worth the price. Likewise, not all free courses are worthless.



Udemy Review: Accreditation

Udemy is not accredited nor will it ever be. Maybe in the future. The reason is because a majority (99%) of its courses is generated by users. They could have many to no qualifications/experience. Because of this, it will cost Udemy a lot of money and time to hire accrediting bodies to ensure course quality. For a course to be accredited, it should be taught by a qualified lecturer. It will also cost Udemy money to hire/create a proctoring agent/department. Udemy might be a well-known company, but it’s not recognized by most employers. Currently, some courses from Udemy offer college credit. However, you’ll have to sit for a proctored exam.



Udemy Review: Certificate

Udemy’s certificates look very plain. Unlike its competitors, you don’t have the option to buy or request a physical certificate. However, it does come with some security features. There is a validation code on the certificate. You can use this code online to verify the certificate’s legitimacy. Each certificate also comes signed by the instructor. This can be a big advantage to courses created by big organizations. Their courses will be more preferrable by employers. The certificates’ design is same across all courses. There is no branding of the instructor on the certificate.

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Conclusion of this Udemy review

Is Udemy a scam? Of course not. However, it does offer fewer benefits that its alternatives. Udemy’s slogan is about acquiring new skills. I think that this is incomplete. A skill is a particular ability. You don’t receive that in all courses. I personally think that it should be “learn something new every time”. Overall, Udemy is a perfect place for lovers of learning and skill acquirers. I won’t recommend taking a course from Udemy, solely for your resume/CV. Thank you for reading this Udemy review. Hope this Udemy review helped and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.

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