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Malaysian universities, they’re one of a kind. Meaning almost all Malaysian universities are the same kind. Whether it’s private, public, or a combination of the two. All of them have very similar aspects. Almost all of them give you a good overall college experience, but they do lack efficiency in certain aspects. An example would be that many university lecturers in Malaysia aren’t proficient in English. They’re able to communicate with it but are very terrible at it. However, they also have good sides. Some universities in Malaysia aren’t very strict in their grading. Whether that’s bad or good, you decide.


Universities in Malaysia


Campus Life

Campus life in Malaysian universities is one thing that varies greatly among universities. For students in Nilai, campus life can be mediocre since there are only a few places to pass time. However, students in KL can find various ways to spend their time. It all depends on preferences. For those looking to have a peaceful and study-oriented campus life, Nilai universities are a great choice. For those looking for an exciting and fun-oriented campus life, KL universities are perfect. Then, for a mixture between those two, almost any universities except Nilai or KL fit.


Universities in Malaysia


Another thing that varies greatly among universities in Malaysia is the hostels. I’m using Nilai as an example cause I don’t have verified sources for other states. In Nilai, one university offers free hostels and one charge for hostels. One of the hostels is so bad, while the other is mediocre. Can you guess which matches which? The free hostel offers better facilities than the paid one. The free one might offer smaller rooms. However, they have clean toilets and an overall cleaner building. The paid one looks so dirty that you’d think twice before vomiting into the bathroom sink. I can’t disclose the universities’ names, but if you want to know. Comment below. Shameless promoting.


Universities in Malaysia


Grading Strictness

This one doesn’t vary. Take a look at this list, http://www.webometrics.info/en/Asia/Malaysia%20. As the rank increases, the strictness of grading increases. For universities near the end of the list, they probably (based on experience) do not check plagiarism, don’t take grading seriously, pass almost any students. Even universities near the top of the list have lousy lecturers that don’t take grading seriously. One of my lecturers gave a glance at our paper and marked based on points/answers. Grammar was part of our grade and she marked that with an estimation.


Universities in Malaysia


The same factor from “Grade Strictness” apply here. As the ranking goes up, the better education that college offers. However, from my experience specialized colleges tend to do better than all-in-one universities in Malaysia. An example, INTI excels in Business because it was a business college. It now offers engineering and other degrees, but they’re lower in quality compared to other specialized colleges. However, one thing they all have in common is at least one lecturer that doesn’t know English good. This applies (based on my experience) to at least university ranked 29th and below. It kinda hinders the lecturers. Plus, how could they grade grammar if the student’s English proficiency surpasses them.



The same factor again, the higher the ranking, the better the value. First, what do I mean by value? I’m talking about how valuable it is in getting you a job. “Value”, “Education”, “Grade Strictness” actually correlate. Employers know that a university with a higher ranking has stricter grading and better education, so they’d give students from those universities more attention. Compared to most other Asian countries, universities in Malaysia are some of the best in Asia.



When it comes to facilities, the quality level depends on the ranking of the universities. An example, a lower tier university like KPJ may have better classes, however, laboratories and other facilities are much better at a higher tier university like MSU. Not my opinion, but the staff of KPJ’s. However, this does not apply to recreational facilities like pools or sports courts. Private universities tend to have better recreational facilities than public universities. One public university that has excellent recreational facilities is the University of Malaya. When comparing between countries, I don’t have an opinion, however, a colleague who studied at a Taiwan university said that the recreational facilities there are better than our local INTI IU Nilai.


Universities in Malaysia are good, but they’re not perfect, or great for that matter. Some great universities in Malaysia are UM, Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and University Technology Malaysia. You may or may not have a great university life in Malaysia. You should or should not listen to my advice (probably should not). Anyway, comment below about what you think about universities in Malaysia. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a nice year. Good Baaaaaaaaaaai!


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