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Being a teen can be very hard. At first glance, we have to deal with this monstrosity known as school. Pretty soon, you’ll run into life’s most annoying problem, that is financial difficulties. I as a teenager face a lot of financial difficulties. I have also overcome these problems with some simple ways to make extra cash. Some you may have heard, others not so much. However, all shall yield many amounts, except for one which varies according to countries. In this post, I’m going to tell you some ways for teens to make money. So, sit back and relax.


Ways for Teens to Make Money


Ways for Teens to Make Money > Finding A Part Time Job

1. Find a Part-Time Job

The simplest and most common way to earn some extra cash is through taking a part-time job. Take me for an instance, I worked part-time at my mother’s shop and I got paid. Now, I’m going to work part-time at 4G network shop. It’s simple to find part-time jobs. I personally use JobStreet to find jobs. There’s an option to pick fields and even job location. If manual labor isn’t your thing, you could always work digitally. Have you heard of Freelancer? It’s a company that offers online jobs to freelancers, hence its name. You could design web templates, write an article, or even be a virtual assistant. Finding a preferable job is easy, getting it is hard as there are many other candidates applying for the same gig. Speaking of gigs.



2. Fiverr

Fiverr is like the opposite company of Freelancer. Unlike Freelancer, you offer gigs instead of searching for gigs. For an example, you may only want to do writing work, so you can open a gig for writing. However, there is a catch. The basic amount you can charge is $5. Once you progress, then you can increase your base amount. However, you can offer gig extras. Another example would be that you could offer a gig to write a 1000-word article for $5 and charge $5 for an additional $5. This is not based on market value. There are many gigs you could offer, so take some time to figure it out. For the time being, let’s move onto to number 3.



3. GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket is one of the only survey companies that send me surveys regularly. However, depending on your location, you might not receive surveys frequently and you’ll have limited redemption offers. In developed countries like the US, you may be able to cash in survey points for PayPal or Visa gift cards, while for Asian countries like Malaysia, you’ll be able to redeem points for vouchers for KFC, McDonald’s, and other retail shops. Points-to-redemption value is great, but nothing spectacular. This is one of the things you do to earn extra cash, not your main income.


Ways for Teens to Make Money > Sell Your Stuff

4. Sell Stuff

I’m not going to tell you to sell your used stuff because I was raised by mom not to no matter how much dust it collects. Instead, have you heard of Etsy? It’s an online marketplace where you sell handmade goods. It can be rings, toys, jewelry, clothing, and possibly soap. Speaking of soap, soap is one the items that you can make and sell on other marketplaces like Ebay. Ebay is C2C place to buy and sell, so you can sell all sorts of items. You could even sell rainbow loom jewelry on both markets. If possible you could sell items from your country and sell it in a foreign Ebay market. A tablet might be cheaper in America than Malaysia, so you could sell it below or at market price in Ebay Malaysia.


Ways for Teens to Make Money > Blogging

5. Blogging

The grande dame of ways for teens to make money. Kids and teens, if you start blogging at your age, you will have a blogging empire at the age of 30. Blogging is a great way to make money. Most people these days randomly roam the web, reading blog post to blog post. If you’re not on FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube, where are you? You’re probably on a blog post. There are many ways to make money with a blog, I’ll write a guide afterward. If you don’t have cash to invest, then Blogger is a great alternative. You could connect your parents AdSense account with your Blogger account and make money.



6. YouTube

One of the hardest and most rewarding ways for teens to make money is YouTube. YouTube is extremely hard, you have a lot of steps to go through. At first, you’ll need a script. Then, you need to memorize your script. Afterward, you’ll need to need set up the lighting and camera. Then, you realize the script is stupid, so you’ll freestyle while trying to not go off script. Finally, you’ll need to edit the captured footage and upload it, which will take about an hour. Sometimes, you’ll need to act additional parts and it into the video to make it less boring. In others words, it’s an awesome experience. Plus, if people start to like you, you’ll earn a lot of moola and you’ll have a fan base. Something bloggers will never have.



Other ways for teens to make money include selling your kidneys, eyes, left-over weed, and prostituting, especially for boys. I’m kidding. Seriously, don’t even think about. Do you want me to be blocked by Google? Anyways, the above six ways are the only legitimate ways to make money as a teen. If this post helped you in any way, please share it. Subscribe as I’ll give you a cookie. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have an awetastic day. Peace!


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