Ways to Make Extra Money

Money has become an essential ingredient to our life. Without it, we could not afford anything. While farm produce was a popular type of money, it was soon replaced by paper money. Paper money has a distinct value. This makes it convenient to trade. In our daily life, we are always searching for various ways to make extra money. That’s because extra money is for your wanted purchase. You can indulge yourself with extra money. Earning money online can be hard. In this article, I will provide you some ways to make extra money. Disclaimer, some methods take some time to turn in large amounts.


Ways to Make Extra Money


Ways to Make Extra Money

1. Blogging 

Blogging is one of the popular ways to make extra money. The best platform to blog in is Blogger. I thought that blogging wasn’t as popular as its vlogging counterpart. Turns out I was wrong. It’s actually the opposite. I received around 100 views after 2 months from three of my blog posts. Imagine posting a post very day. The only work you’ll have to do is keeping track of your life. It’s like sharing your diary and making money from it. To start making money, you’ll have to hook-up your Google AdSense account. That can be done only after your blog is a few months old. In this case, it is not six months.



2. Vlogging

If you’re comfortable with recording yourself in public, then vlogging is also a great way to make extra money. vlogging can make some serious money if you have enough subscribers. To have more subscribers, you’ll need to have an active lifestyle. If you don’t have anything interesting planned out on a certain day, don’t vlog that day. Depending on your self-esteem level, vlogging can either make you more or less confident. Also, you’ll need a good quality camera to attract an audience. You’ll also need knowledge on video editing. This option can be more hectic than the first.



3. Ebay & Etsy

This method is great if you have a lot of junk. However, make sure that you sell items that are not needed. Before selling an item, find out its market price. For an example, a lightly used Nintendo Wii should be should at a slightly higher price than normal used Wii. Justify this by stating it in item descriptions. Use photos captured by yourself. Last, give the option to request for the best price. This increases the rate of a sale with a minor loss in profit. You could also sell handmade products on Etsy. You could even sell items made from 3D printers.



4. HubPages

This is for those who have at least 2-3 hours of spare time each day. At HubPages, you can earn money by writing articles. Those articles can be related to any topic. First, brainstorm a topic which is popular and unique. Then, write at least 500 words. However, HubPages recommends a minimum of 700 words. Make sure to include 3 royalty-free images. You can find some at PixaBay. Also include videos and widgets like polls and ratings. Remember, the more featured Hubs you write, the more money you’ll make. You can see a decent amount after a year of writing. For my full review of HubPages, click here.



5. YouTube

You’ll need a lot of free time for this method. Today’s YouTubers have approved that YouTube can be indeed a career. However, you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time into it. First, you’ll need to brainstorm a creative video idea. Next, you’ll need to create a script. Whether, it’s a sketch or a skit, you’ll need to have a script. This allows you to have a central idea and helps to construct better dialogues. If you think of something better during the shoot, add it in. After shooting, you’ll have to edit the entire footage. Even with a good Nvidia graphics card, the editing and rendering process was tiresome. I think that this should be marked as optional. Then again, the entire list is optional.



6. Points2Shop

In Points2Shop, every point you collect can be redeemed for items or cash. Some of the items include electronics, vouchers, cosmetics, and toys. You can collect points by doing surveys, watching videos, or any other tasks. Free tasks give only a few points while paid tasks give many points. I recommend this to US residents only. The amount of offers available to other countries’ residents is very little. Doing the offers isn’t very time-consuming. So, you can do this in your free time. Another great alternative to Points2Shop is GlobalTestMarket. GTM only offers surveys. After registration, you’ll have to wait for surveys. When a new survey becomes available in your account, you’ll be notified through email. Points are decent per survey. In other countries, points can be used to redeem vouchers and cash. In Malaysia, only vouchers are available.



7. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon has created a marketplace for work. At Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT), you can pick a job and get paid. It works like Fiverr but vice-versa. The jobs are very simple, which means the pay will also be low. The jobs here require human intelligence. Examples of jobs include comparing items, providing feedback or opinion, translating, categorizing, and proofreading. Most jobs can be done within a few minutes. This is a perfect way to make some extra cents or bucks in your free time.



8. Iwriter

Iwriter is the fastest way to make redeemable money. At Iwriter, you earn money by writing for others. People would post jobs on Iwriter and you pick them. There are many requested formats. Some of them are articles, e-books and essays. You’ll get paid a set amount for each article you write. It’s faster to make money with this method. However, it’s less profitable.



Another two ways to make extra money is searching the couches for spare change and stealing. Just kidding. I hope that I was able to teach you on how to make money online. These are all the best ways to make money online I know. If you know any other ways to make extra money or have questions, leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.

Ways to Make Extra Money
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Ways to Make Extra Money
There are many ways to make extra money. In this article, I have provided some ways that can make extra money now and serious money in the future.
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