What Is Love All About

Love exists in many forms. For an example, taste. There is sweet love, bitter love, sour love, and a possible future salty love. Then, there is sensory love. For an example, love is painful, love is cold, love is warm, and especially love stinks. Seriously, if love was a dish, I would die of all the randomness. I would also die because there would be ceramic dish pieces in my tummy. I make funny. Back to the main point, all the flavors and feelings mentioned above indicate only one type of love. According to the Greeks, there are four types major types of love. Those are eros, agape, storge, and phileo. In this article, we will be talking about on what is love all about and the definition of love.

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What Is Love All About: The Definition and The Four Majors


What is Love All About

What Is Love All About?

What is love all about? To answer that question, we must first find out the definition of love. According to Google Sensei, Love is an intense feeling of affection. From my viewpoint, three of the four major types of love are all sub-emotions of happiness. Love is feeling towards someone who makes you happy. When your mom makes you happy by paying for etc, you love her don’t you. However, when she grounds you, do feel like wanting to say ‘I love you mom’. If you do, you’re weird, man. So the answer to the above question is that love is all about happiness, except when it’s eros love. This basically isn’t love at all. It’s just booty call. Your libido is attracted to a person when it’s eros love. I’ve already spoiled one the four majors for you. What am I going to do with this spoiled milk? Guess I have no choice except eating it.


The Four Major Types of Love



1. Eros

As mentioned earlier, eros is basically love towards your booty call. And I don’t mean a warm kind of love, well warm in a fuzzy way. Eros love is usually initiated by libido. Eros love is similar to being happy except one thing. Your happy/attracted to the person’s body, not personality. You don’t want to talk to that person instead stare at them creepily. Basically, eros is a form of love that involves erotic attraction.



2. Agape

Agape love, which isn’t grapes involve being happy because of some. However, this can be towards your rival, archenemy, murder or even cat. This type of happiness is very basic. You’re happy because of people, so logically you love them. This love commonly exists between friends. It rare among rivals but not that rare among murder and victims. Then again, maybe agape is grapes. Just like grapes, agape love consists of many people sticking together. Each seeking happiness from each other. The last two sounded poetic, I don’t know myself anymore.



3. Phileo

The love I love. Wait, is that even possible? Moving on, phileo is basically platonic love. If you don’t know what that is, neither do I. Googling and platonic love is basically happiness towards a specific person but in a warm and fuzzy manner. It’s the love between Caroline and Max from 2 Broke Girls. And if you don’t know that show, then we can’t be friends. This kind of love usually exists between best friends. There are also platonic relationships, which means couples that don’t have sex. It’s an endangered species.



4. Storge

This is phileo love but towards family members. So basically it’s a sub-major. Wait, what happened to the full-time major. If you don’t get that joke, major means an army of officer of higher rank and I’m stupid. It’s warm and fuzzy love that you have towards your mother, father, brother, but not sister. Sisters are like medusa, they turn you and your pockets stone cold. Share if you agree with me. Really, we’re stooping to that level? Guess we are, mwahahaha.


What about normal relationships?

That depends on what stage you’re at. At first, it starts at Eros. You see the apple of your eye and get instantly aroused. Second, a week of dating and I specifically mean a week, you’ll get to love her/him on an agape level. After a year or a century, you’ll begin to love her/him at a phileo level. This when things get weird, you feel all warm and fuzzy when you see her/him, but you still want to bang her/him. At this point, things go KAPOOSH or you get married in another year. Finally, you reach storge level. Did you notice it? Everything changed except eros. Eros will never leave normal relationships. Basically, libido controls your life.



What is love all about? It all about cheese and what is cheese all about? Cheese is all about happiness. The foundation of love is happiness. If you agree with me, share this post. Share it, it won’t hurt. Maybe it will hurt your social profile but share it! I command thee to shahre it. Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll have a wonderful, love-filled day. Byeeeeee.

What Is Love All About
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What Is Love All About
What is love all about? I'm not going to spoil it for you, but I can say that love exists in many forms. In this post, we will be talking about love.
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