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If you’re reading this, you’re probably a blogger and you’re using WordPress as your platform. If not, still read, there’s no harm in reading. WordPress is a popular CMS choice among bloggers. Although some may say that WordPress has no flaws, I disagree, at least partially. The core of WordPress is perfect. If you run a WordPress site with zero external pics and a native theme, it will be super speedy. However, images from both custom themes and posts are naturally unoptimized. That’s why you’ll need a WordPress image optimizer. Straight off the boat, I can tell you that “Compress JPEG & PNG images” is the best tool available, but it has a price. There are free options and paid options, so read fully so you’ll understand. You don’t have to, but do it for my, no, the children’s sake.


WordPress Image Optimizer


WordPress Image Optimizer

1. Compress JPEG & PNG images

Compress JPEG & PNG images or CJP has the best compression rate from the plugins I’ve tested. Not only did it save up to 90% off originals files, it saved up to 50% off images compressed by EWWW Image Optimizer. Like most of its competitors’ plugin, it offers a monthly free limit to all users, which is capped at 500 photos per month. The amount you’ll actually get depend on settings. Without compression of any native resizes like thumbnails, you’ll get the total 500 limit. If you decide to compress one resize type or a custom resize, the limit will be reduced by half and will continue being reduced for each additional resize selected. After finishing your quota, the price is $0.009 per image and for some reason, you can’t remove credit card details afterward.


Wordpress Image Optimizer

2. EWWW Image Optimizer

This plugin is nothing like its name. What were the creators thinking, did they want a plugin that creates images to say “Ewww”? EWWW is an awesome plugin. Not only does it have no limits to not stop you from your compression needs, it also optimizes images outside the media gallery. Yes, I’m talking about themes’ images. Most of the time, there won’t be a lot to compress, sometimes there are. If you want to use higher optimization methods, you’ll only have to pay $0.003 per image, that thrice cheaper. However, even its maximum lossy compression method can be further compress using the first option.



3. CW Image Compressor

CW Image compressor is also an excellent image compression tool. It will yield results similar to EWWW image optimizer. CW is widely advertised as an offline image optimization tool, meaning all the work is done on your server. If the first and second use online compression, then compression rate for CW will be significantly faster. I personally haven’t used CW, although it’s in my library. CW only uses lossless methods for compression, so compression amount will vary from EWWW’s paid option and CJP’s. Also, CW is completely free, so there’s no monthly limit. So, it’s better in terms of free unlimited optimization of all three.


Wordpress Image Optimizer

4. WP-SmushIt

Smush is like the queen bee of image optimizer tools. It gets all the attention using money and marketing. In reality, the underdogs are much better than the queen bee. First, I would like to say that Smush uses lossless compression. Second, even using the same compression type, EWWW does a better job than Smush. They write various comparison posts on Google to promote their plugin. However, even their pro-mode doesn’t offer any out of the ordinary compression. Plus, their pro-mode costs a flat $19 per month. With that money, you can compress 400 images per month using CJP with all resizes.



Although I love EWWW, CJP is definitely the best WordPress image optimizer out there. EWWW does a pretty good job. CW also does pretty good offline optimization. However, Smush should be expelled from the race since it did a comparison post on its own website. Instead of showcasing its product, it compared it to other. Which some may find it to be biased. Anyways, that’s all on WordPress image optimizer list. Thanks for reading, share it with your blog homies, and I hope you’ll have a nice day.

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