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Are you looking for a WordPress sitemap plugin? If your answer is yes, then you can find billions of it in the WordPress plugin directory. We already know the reason why you need a sitemap. It’s to get your website indexed, right? Getting your website indexed isn’t enough. You’ll also need to outrank your competitors (not me) in Google, or also Bing. For that, you’ll need an awesome, destructive SEO plugin. Wait, don’t leave yet. This plugin also has the sitemap feature. It even allows you to set custom crawl times. So for the price of $9 dollars (Don’t leave) per month, you can have the world’s best WordPress SEO plugin and the world’s best WordPress sitemap plugin. I’m talking about Daniel Tan’s SEOPressor.


The Best WordPress Sitemap Plugin and SEO Plugin



Sitemap and Other Non-SEO Features

We know you came here for the sitemap feature. As I mentioned earlier, you can customize the crawl frequency of your posts. You can make Google crawl your posts hourly, daily or monthly. Then, we have the basic features. You can decide on what goes inside the sitemap. Then, there’s a feature to allows you to add your site’s map (physical) location. See what I did there. Anyways, if you came here for a sitemap plugin only. I highly recommend that you search WordPress’s plugin directory.

Wait! Don’t go yet. I know you want to improve SERP. That’s why you need SEOPressor. To be honest, I’m an affiliate. At the bottom of this page, I’m going to give you my affiliate link. However, I don’t sell things that don’t work. Truth be told, SEOPressor was very glitchy on my site. Plus, I was already skeptical since it was made by a fellow Malaysian. However, SEOPressor did allow me to increase my SERP by at least 30% to 60%. It will do the same thing for you if you know how to use it right. Anyways, check out the SEO features of SEOPressor below before you leave. You might like it.



SEO Features

SEOPressor can detect both poor optimization and over optimization. You have the ability to optimize your posts for up to 3 keywords. You also have the ability to search for LSI keywords. LSI keywords do help in ranking according to Google’s hummingbird update. They also have other SEO features like mentioning the optimal picture/word ratio, the optimal ‘image alt text’ keyword density, and much more.

However, the most outstanding feature they have is their keyword density detector. Unlike traditional tools, SEOPressor’s SemantiQ KWD tool checks the overall time each word in the keyword/phrase is used. It also checks the overall time any hidden LSI keyword is used. There are also other features like Schema.org and Dublin core. These features basically add pictures and other features to your search result snippets.



SEOPressor: My Experience

First, let me tell you my experience with SEOPressor. The plugin was glitchy on my site. Sometimes, it wasn’t able to detect changes. Sometimes (only once), it literally doesn’t detect the post at all. However, when I consulted with fellow bloggers. They said that they didn’t have a problem and said to contact SEOPressor’s team. I didn’t contact them because I was lazy. Anyways, this is the truth. To be honest, lies tempted me. Okay, don’t go just yet. First, all I want to say is that it’s $9 per month. You can buy the first month and cancel it on the second month. If you are going to buy, please buy using the link below.


WordPress Sitemap plugin



SEOPressor is a great SEO plugin and it’s also a great WordPress sitemap plugin. Just give it a try if you have the money. If you want a free WordPress sitemap plugin, I would recommend Yoast since it has most of the basic features and it also has SEO features. Sorry if you felt this post was like clickbait. Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a nice day..

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